Whether you’re in the construction industry or provide related services, this is a question that plenty of businesses have had to consider at one point or another. Is it really cheaper to continue hiring equipment like a crane truck, or would it make better sense for you to purchase your own?

Naturally, this comes with the assumption that you’d have all you need to operate, house, and maintain such a vehicle and its equipment. However, even with these factors squared away, there are plenty of good reasons why it may just make better sense for you to continue hiring a crane truck on an as-needed basis.

In our line of work, we typically see our crane trucks hired out for a number of requirements. Among these include:

  • Domestic and Commercial removal work,
  • Steel Framing & structures,
  • Site Sheds & containers
  • Build and construction-related work, and
  • Heavy equipment transportation.

Plenty of our clients have often called on us to help them supplement their existing fleet. This could either be due to breakdowns or the sudden unavailability of equipment and vehicles, but no matter the type of work you do, it simply helps to have a convenient way to ensure that a crane truck is available as and when you need it.

Should You Also Hire an Operator or Driver?

Let’s not forget that the truck isn’t going to drive itself! If yours is an ad-hoc need for crane truck hire, consider that our service will take into consideration your need for a fully licensed and certified crane truck driver and operator. Considering that you wouldn’t have to manage their ongoing wages as an employer, here’s just one of the main reasons why crane truck hire often works out to be cheaper than getting a vehicle for yourself.

What About Any Additional Services You Might Need?

Crane Truck Hire Service like ours will often take into account your additional needs for specialist services, like electrical spotting, rigging and Traffic Management. Your specific requirements will be directly related to the type of work that you need a crane truck for, but our team at Ultimate Crane Trucks will undoubtably be able to accommodate these requirements. Without having to source externally for help from additional contractors, wouldn’t you be able to benefit from a crane truck hire service that does more than deliver a vehicle on site?

Ultimate Crane Trucks is the Name to Trust for Crane Truck Hire in Melbourne

No two jobs are ever the same, and this is something that our years of our experience has definitely helped us understand. If you need to hire a crane truck in Melbourne, consider working with our specialists to find a comprehensive solution that can take care of more than just one of your project’s needs. Tick more off the list by calling us on 0434 296 900 to see what we can do to help.