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Need a way to haul oversized goods or materials without too much work? Try hiring one of our flatbed crane trucks.

Ultimate Crane Trucks is the premier crane truck service Melbourne residents and companies have grown to trust due to our safe practices, friendly operators, and reliable service.

Whether you’re moving from place to place and have a lot of oversized items or need to deliver heavy construction materials, a flatbed truck with a crane can help you reach points A to B while efficiently helping you load and unload with little effort.

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What are Flatbed Trucks?

Flatbed trucks are tiny warehouses on wheels, designed to carry and transport raw materials or bulky items that can’t fit inside a conventional truck. Their design allows them to effortlessly load construction materials, heavy machinery, or bulk goods, making them an invaluable tool for many industries.

So what happens when you combine that with a vehicle mounted crane controlled by one of our skilled operators? you have a mobile machine that can efficiently load, unload, and haul goods in a shorter amount of time.

Our flatbed truck with crane is perfect for general transport purposes, lifting beams, carting, and guarding wires as we have several trucks with varying reach and lifting capacity.

If you have specific tasks you would like to follow, our highly experienced team can follow instructions and we’ll get the results you need without any complications.

Flatbed crane trucks are best for the following tasks:

  • Lifting heavy machinery
  • Installation of structural steel beams, signages, and light poles
  • Help in roadside assistance
  • Construction Cargo lifting

At Ultimate Crane Trucks, no job is too big or too small for us. Talk to one of our friendly operators today or request a free quote through our website and let us know how our crane truck services can assist you.

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If you need a dependable crane truck hire service in Melbourne then call Ultimate Crane Trucks to find out how we can assist you today. Ultimate Crane Trucks are always ready to provide a budget crane truck rental in Melbourne, no matter the type of business or demands of your current project. To hire crane trucks in Melbourne, call us today at 0434 296 900 for an obligation-free consultation, and we’ll be more than happy to support you.