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Hire a vehicle mounted crane truck today and save time, money, and energy with Ultimate Crane Trucks.

As a Melbourne-based company, our crane truck services have been utilized all over Victoria and have been a trusted name ever since.

Thanks to our 24/7 reliable service, fully licensed and friendly operators, and our well-maintained fleet of vehicle mounted cranes, we can deliver a quality service every time you hire us.

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Truck Crane Rental

Why Hire a Vehicle Mounted Crane Truck?

With a truck mounted crane, you can primarily avoid accidents while improving productivity in your workflow as manual handling, loading, and unloading of goods and materials can unfortunately carry some risks.

With a crane doing most of the work, you shield and minimise risks for workers down to a minimum. These cranes can also reduce what’s typically a two to three-person task to a single person remotely operating it, allowing you to save money by utilising your workforce more effectively.

Additionally, all truck-mounted cranes and operators from Ultimate Crane Trucks are fully licensed and industry-compliant to provide top-notch services for every job.

For example, our long reach crane models are perfect if you’re looking for something with varying degrees of reach and lifting capacity. Conversely, if you need a smaller truck for handling light payloads or entering hard-to-reach areas, we recommend taking a look at our smaller truck crane models.

That said, if you’re in need of a reliable and efficient crane truck service, give Ultimate Crane Trucks a call today or fill out our ‘request a free quote’ form and see how we can get the ball rolling for your next project.

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If you need a dependable crane truck hire service in Melbourne then call Ultimate Crane Trucks to find out how we can assist you today. Ultimate Crane Trucks are always ready to provide a budget crane truck rental in Melbourne, no matter the type of business or demands of your current project. To hire crane trucks in Melbourne, call us today at 0434 296 900 for an obligation-free consultation, and we’ll be more than happy to support you.