To many of our seasoned and experienced clients, the benefits of hiring one of our crane trucks is often quite obvious. However, we wouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that these are plain for all to see, and definitely understand if this is overlooked by other clients. In our experience, factors like labour cost and time spent on managing a project can sometimes weigh on our clients’ decision to hire additional equipment for their job. Of course, we understand how that all factors into managing profitability. Many of our clients would argue that the benefits outweigh the cost when it comes to hiring our crane trucks for particular types of projects.

Among these will obviously include jobs that require a good amount of crane truck mobility, as well as the capacity to lift and carry loads. Planning out your projects well in advance may provide reason for you to understand how a crane truck hire service such as ours will help to minimise other financial aspects of your project such as time required to deliver equipment on site, or the need to book additional trade services in advance.

Residential and Commercial Construction

Equipment hire services like ours aim to do one thing: make your job easier, no matter what this may be. When it comes to residential and commercial construction, there’s no doubt that hiring a crane mounted truck will help you minimise the manpower you would otherwise need for delivering construction materials. Depending on what needs to be delivered, and what access is available at the site, our crane trucks may very well cut down the time and man power you would otherwise need to deliver on the task.

Long Term Building and Construction Projects

Similarly, it may be necessary for you to hire our crane trucks for an extended period of time where you require the convenience of keeping our crane trucks and lifting equipment on site for direct access. Call it simple project management or simply the ability to think ahead, but we are certainly able to recommend multiple solutions that keep your project running smoothly as a result of our crane truck hire services.

Equipment Transportation from One Site to Another

Our crane truck hire services are never more important than when it concerns the need to relocate important or critical machinery from one site to another. Commercial and industrial relocations are definitely an aspect of our business that we have had reasonable experience delivering on for our clients. Rather than having to compromise with other methods of lifting and transport why not get it all done simultaneously with one of our crane trucks?

Ultimate Crane Trucks Provides a Complete Crane Truck Hire Solution

Have you considered the need for hiring one of our crane trucks? Whether it’s for a construction site or for a one-off machinery lifting and transport job, consider that we can also support your project with collateral skills like dogging & rigging and electrical spotting. Don’t hesitate to call us today on 0434 296 900 to know more about how we can help.