25% of workplace fatalities occur in November and December. That’s a big statistic, isn’t it? That’s why it’s incredibly important to double down on safety in the lead up to the holidays, especially when working with truck mounted cranes. It’s traditionally a very busy time with construction aiming to meet tight deadlines and complete projects. Before you get into the final push before break make sure to review these areas of safety:

Ensure everyone knows their tasks

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, but there are certain staff members who have dedicated tasks to ensure a safe working environment. Undertake a task risk analysis like Job Safety Analysis or Safe Work Method Statements to find risk points and focus on ensuring those points are as safe as possible.

Employ Casuals

The summer holidays are when we see school leavers, university students, and tourists open up for casual work. During the busy period this temporary staff can help keep up with demand. Of course, it’s important to hire those who are interested in the area and properly train and induct new staff on working around vehicle mounted cranes. They can take a load off your full time staff, but make sure they know their responsibilities and appropriate support is provided so they don’t take unnecessary risks.

Monitor Weather Conditions

For those of us in the southern hemisphere, the Christmas rush also coincides with summer and its extreme weather. So this means hot days and storms. For the construction industry this can be dangerous. Warmer days can cause tiredness, confusion, and disorientation, and extremely hot conditions can cause heat stress, exhaustion, and heat stroke. To adhere to duty of care, regulate exposure and reduce time working in hotter environments. Provide sunscreen, water, and remind workers to communicate with supervisors when they are not coping. Train workers on the impact of heat so they are able to recognise symptoms in themselves and others.

Employ Other Services

To look after your employees and ensure all tasks are taken care of, consider areas where you can bring in outside help. Cleaners and financial planners are available for short term contracts and can ensure everything is covered. For the health of your employees, there are services available in physical therapy, mental wellness, and health promotion that can ensure they stop and think about their well being before burning out.

While the holiday season is a joyous time, it can take a toll on physical and mental health. Make sure to check in with your employees to avoid tragic accidents.

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